How to Fully Optimize Webpack 4 Tree Shaking


We tend to think Webpack's tree-shaking feature will make our bundles lean. But looks like it needs some help from us, engineers, to actually work.


Building Resilient Frontend Architecture (GOTO 2019)


In this talk Monica defines what architecture means for the frontend, dispels some commonly-held myths, and looks at specific tools and techniques on a scale from micro to macro that you can use today to keep your app from turning into that infamous big ball of mud (c)


Modules in JavaScript


CommonJS? AMD? UMD? ES6 modules? Time to get some clarity and Dr. Rauschmayer is here to help.


High Performance SVGs


How to decrease the file size on the SVGs while preserving the appearance and functionality? Here's some really good advice and tools overview.


How to reduce your Vue bundle size using Webpack (Vueconf US 2019)


In this short talk Jennifer demonstrates how to use webpack-bundle-analyzer on a Vue.js app and what could be optimized.


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