Why Performance Matters, Part 3: Tolerance Management


When technical performance optimizations reach certain limits, psychology and perception management might help us to push the limits further. The last article from a series of three - here are parts one and two.


Gradual content loading


Brief insights on perceived performance and skeleton screens from Mobile Apps Trends talk from Conversions@Google 2018.


Everything you need to know about skeleton screens


How do humans perceive skeleton screens? Which animation will make load time seem shorter? This research can help answer some of the questions.


Patterns and Purpose (an Excerpt from Animation at Work book)


Transitional, supplemental, feedback, demonstrative and decorative. Learn about these different animation types and problems they solve. With some good examples of course.


Animations (Google's Web Fundamentals Guides)


Designing a beautiful animation that serves a good purpose is just the start. Implementing animations correctly helps achieve that "just right" feeling.


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